Barista Courses

Certified Barista Training (1 Day Intensive Course)

Find out how to make the perfect coffee. We use our collective 30+ years of knowledge to teach barista courses at our Karajoz Shot Bar in Eden Terrace, Auckland. 

Experience hands-on barista training over an intensive 3hr class, backed up with access to our training manuals.

If you are keen to book a barista course contact

Make Perfect Coffee

It's taken over 30 years of solid dedication, knowledge and experience to gather this collection of techniques for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

We're spilling the beans here. Watch our series of videos for insider-knowledge to making the perfect brew. Mastering a few fundamentals will take your creations to the next level.

Making The Perfect Espresso Shot


Making An Espresso Shot Mistakes


Making The Perfect Milk

Milk Making Mistakes

Espresso Machine Maintenance