Our Ethos 

While most New Zealand roasters happily use a limited bean blend, Karajoz Coffee Company has been developed with a multi-bean profile in mind. We have crafted different blends and brands under the Karajoz umbrella in order to suit all types of palettes.

Each bean origin is roasted to achieve its full character. Our experienced staff then taste the roast to ensure it measures up to the high standard. The Karajoz Professional Barista Blend has taken years to perfect - ensuring our customers have a full-bodied taste from the very first sip, down to the rich and rewarding after-taste.


The Original Karajoz Brand

This is the original Karajoz blend, and an iconic kiwi brand. This coffee captures all of the experience of the Karajoz coffee roaster, a truly Kiwi coffee designed for the New Zealand palate by Derek Townsend.

1997 was a busy year. We spent 4 months and 2 tonnes of beans and a touch of tennis elbow making a gazillion cups of coffee. The last one was perfect. Smooth, full, premium, with an overlying taste sensation of sweet chocolate. It was a true disciple of a simple philosophy – ‘it should be delicious’. And so it was, and has been since 1997.



This coffee features our finest fair trade and organic beans, meaning that the farmers who grow the beans get the benefit - fair trade advocates for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries throughout the supply chain, wherever they are in the world. Organico also promotes sustainable coffee growing practices through a technique called "Shade Coffee," and so preserves our precious habitat, and is grown with no artificial chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Truly, "Coffee with a Conscience." Enjoy this coffee knowing you're making a difference to the world.

Visit the Organico website here.


Velo Coffee

Our aim with Velo was to create a complex flavour profile that reveals different elements during the drinking, not unlike the way a good wine or perfume reveals its layers of character over time.

After a lot of trial and error we’ve settled on a combination of seven distinct types of bean from seven different regions. The current trend is for very simple single origin coffee but, as an espresso, it just doesn't work.

So why seven beans? Because each bean has an individual flavour, and together “it's a cup of coffee”. Something makes you want to have another. Tested over many years and born out of a passion for luxury.

Velo is our most sophisticated and contemporary blend. A rich and creamy body is offset by hints of orchard-ripe orange. Smooth, like a caramel topped crème brule.


Visit the Velo website here.