Machine Servicing

Special Domestic Espresso Machine Offer!

BFC Plus 1G Italian Espresso Machine: Usually $2,807(incl), Now $2,400!

Also comes with 6 months worth of coffee (based on 250g per week), plus one free barista training session based in Auckland.

Become your own at-home barista with our BFC espresso machine deal. By investing in an espresso machine, our average customer can save thousands of dollars per year. Not only do you end up saving money in the long run, the coffee is also always how you want it!

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Get the Most from Your Domestic, Office & Cafe Machines

Our experienced technicians service a large range of domestic, office and cafe coffee machines.  

Regular servicing will greatly extend the life of your espresso machine, as well as ensuring you get the most out of the machine in the long term.

Servicing will also ensure consistent pressure and temperature, giving you excellent tasting coffee. 

Espresso Machine Specialists, a service company under the house of Karajoz,  recommends regular cleaning and a service every 6-12 months depending on the type of machine and its use. 

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Quality Guaranteed.

EMS offer competitive rates, with all parts and labour fully guaranteed for your peace of mind. Looking after your servicing needs and ensuring customer satisfaction are a high priority for EMS.  

Please contact for bookings or any questions.