Karajoz Shot Bar Cafe

3 Virginia Avenue, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Open from 7am-2pm |  shotbar@karajoz.co.nz


Zero-waste coffee at our shot bar. Freshly roasted coffee in your own container. We invite our local customers to bring their own container and fill up on coffee beans, espresso or plunger grind. Cutting down the packaging waste, and every little zero waste move counts. 

Our shot bar cafe is unique. 

Watch our coffee being freshly roasted while you sip on our great coffee.

There is a range of delicious food including locally made preserves, pickles and chutney. There is a full range of the coffee accessories available for purchase from domestic coffee machines to quality tampers. We also sell our different brands of coffee. 

Barista Training

If you have a passion for coffee talk to Taylor, the store manager, about our barista courses and book in your training.