Karajoz Coffee Company (EST. 1997) is home to a house of blends, all of which are crafted to suit different connoisseur's palettes. With over 25 years of high quality, hand roasting experience we have perfected the art of creating different blends and coffee brands, allowing us to perfect a range of coffee that can please the largest of crowds.

The great taste of our coffee comes down to the brilliant craftsmanship behind the brand. We practice our craft passionately to provide you with the best tasting coffee available. We are committed to quality, and we are intentional in how we source our beans, and how we store, prepare and roast them too.

Each bean origin is roasted to achieve its full character. Our experienced staff then taste the roast to ensure it measures up to the high standard. Karajoz professional blend has taken years to perfect - ensuring customers have a full bodied taste from the start of the cup to the finish. It takes its inspiration from a classic Northern Italian blend rather than the American-style of milkier, weaker coffee.

From 1997 to present, our passion and craft for creating the best coffee blend has been perfected to an art, a quality of which we love to bring to our customers.