'Coffee With A Conscience'

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Compostable Initiative  

Karajoz is proud to be taking action for vital change, with a new compostable packaging initiative. We are sparking a change in the coffee industry and are working towards recyclable packaging by 2020.

Coffee cups and coffee packaging are not recyclable, and create thousands of tonnes of waste yearly. Consuming 5 cups per week can produce about 14kg of waste per year, and packaging is a significant contributor to waste with around 350,000 tonnes going to landfill each year.

Our cups and lids are now compostable, and we are offering a composting initiative to all of our supportive cafes/

Karajoz is aligned with Resourceful, the compostable waste collection company. Specially provided Karajoz coffee cup bins will allow you to compost your cups, which will be turned into the local compost that grows your vegetables out in Pukekohe, Auckland. Composting is nature's way of recycling - everything begins and eventually returns to the ground. 

Keep your eye out for our compost bins popping up in your favourite cafés.


Check out our awesome composting partners at: WeCompost 

Also, our cafe range will be 100% compostable by the end of 2018, and will be plant based, created from natural corn and cassava sources. Our compostable packaging is designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter.


Everything Comes Around

By composting your cups and lids into our special Karajoz compost bins, the entire Karajoz coffee production begins and ends in the ground. Our delicious coffee beans are lovingly picked from the ground, expertly roasted and blended to become your favourite cup of coffee, and our cups are returned to the ground via composting. This compost is used as fertiliser to grow your vegetables out in Pukekohe, Auckland. These vegetables are sold in your local supermarkets and produce stores.

This is a great support for our local agricultural system. Why should we eat locally? A dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy, meaning more money is available to our community. 

Local produce is also fresher, due to lack of transit and storage. Buying locally ensures that we are eating with the seasons, which is when they are at their peak taste, are most abundant and least expensive.



Fair trade

Fair trade partnerships advocate for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries throughout the supply chain, wherever they are in the world.

Over 25 million people in the developing world depend on coffee farming to make a living. Buying fair trade coffee is a great way for all of us to make a real difference to the lives of the coffee farmers and their families. 

Karajoz is passionate about supporting fair trade partnerships. Our Karajoz Organic coffee blend and the Organico coffee range originates from organic fair trade sourced coffee beans. These coffee beans are hand-picked with care, and expertly hand-roasted with love from us, to give you a delicious range of coffee to choose from.

View our coffee ranges here.


Environmental & Organic

Karajoz is proud to carry an organic range. It is certified organic by AsureQuality, the world's most trusted food certifier who provides food safety services to the food and primary production sectors worldwide, with a team of 1700 experts. Their certification gives our consumers the absolute confidence that the product they are purchasing has been produced according to organic purposes. No nastiness can be found in the coffee that our customers consume due to the chemical free nature of our coffee beans.

Why choose Organic coffee beans

Choosing organic produce means that there are fewer pesticides and heavy metals that while have been deemed safe in the quantities used for conventional farming, health experts still warn about the potential harms of repeated exposure. No nastiness can be found in our organic coffee.

Our organic range also promotes sustainable coffee growing practices. Instead of replacing the precious jungle canopy, the trees that produce these delicious beans are grown beneath it. Its a technique called "Shade Coffee". It means the trees take a little longer to grow but also means the natural habitat for animals and birds is preserved, and with the birds taking care of the insects, no artificial chemical pesticides or fertilisers are needed. Truly, "Coffee with a Conscience."



Karajoz is proud to support the "Zoo Doo" initiative, as Karajoz is committed to ensuring impact on the environment is minimal. The two main by-products of coffee roasting are chaff, which is the outer layer of the coffee bean, shed during roasting, and the empty coffee sacks.

Currently, all of the chaff produced by Karajoz is being given to Auckland Zoo, where it is mixed to produce "Zoo Doo", a greatly nutritious compost for plants. This organisation involves taking the manure from the city zoo’s, saving rate payers thousands of dollars in dumping fees, and allowing the zoo to divert around 7 cubic metres of raw waste from landfill each week.

Like a cycle, our coffee production begins and ends in the ground.



Karajoz is proudly involved in many community projects. We are excited to be extending our community and environmental involvement to support the establishment in nation-wide composting and waste-reducing initiatives with our partner WeCompost.

We support and supply coffee to the following causes and charities:

• The Auckland City Mission, who provides unique and specialised health and social services to marginalised Aucklanders.

• The School Community across New Zealand

• The New Zealand Opera

• The Auckland Philharmonic

We are excited to be extending our reach to new community partners, and we will update this section shortly!