We are extremely proud to announce our Karajoz Biopods which are 100% home compostable.  

As a part of our "coffee with a consience" compostable initiatives, we have launched our compostable coffee capsules to market.

The current way we are living is not sustainable. We are extracting resources at a tremendous rate, using them up, and throwing them away mindlessly. Global momentum is beginning to shift towards a new, more circular way of thinking. Join the change!

Buy our Karajoz Biopods here.

How Do I Compost my Biopods?


Our Karajoz Biopods can be composted at home.

• In warmer climates, they can decompose in as little as 90 days.

• In other climates, the average decomposition time is 180 days.

•  Plastic capsules take a shocking 500+ years to decompose. 



Machine Use Tips & Tricks

As our biopods are made from bio plastic, they are not as stiff as the other brands which use aluminium. 

This can cause slight issues with newer machines, as they run hotter than older machines.


• Pods may fall through machine due to soft shell. Just run them through again

• It can be firmer to close the machine. Just jiggle the pod & machine lever and apply pressure. Just be a little more firm, very quickly it becomes familiar.

• If the pod appears stuck, just manually jiggle the pod around in the holding space. It will pop loose

 Check out our instructional video:





The Home-Compostable Capsule

The secret lies in the material used in our plant-based capsules. We make them entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet (sweet, right?). This means that under certain conditions the capsules will fully break-down into compost. We have built in a plant-based oxygen barrier to keep our coffee fresh. 

Plant-Based Plastic (PLA)

Our Biopod coffee capsules are unique because they are made solely from plant-based plastics (PLA’s). Our suppliers grow the sugar plants that are used to form the PLA in a plantation in Thailand. The sugar is collected and converted into PLA.

The PLA is made into pellets, and is then ready to be moulded into a coffee cap. They are then filled with one of our coffee blends, packaged in sustainably sourced packaging, and with a little bit of luck, bought buy a coffee lover.  

After you’re finished with the capsule, it’s thrown in the organic waste bin and enters into the composting cycle. The capsule is broken down into CO2, water and biomass / compost, which is then used to fertilise plants.