About Us

Karajoz Coffee Company

Karajoz was established in the café business in 1982, and we have been roasting our own coffee since 1997. Now, we are one of the biggest privately owned roasteries in New Zealand. Our online store is home to various delicious coffee blends roasted by the Karajoz Coffee Company, each blend carefully crafted to suit different palettes.

We carry our burning passion for coffee through to a heartfelt social responsibility. We are "coffee with a conscience", so however you have your coffee, enjoy it with us knowing you're making a real difference. 



Our History

Karajoz Coffee Company is led by Derek Townsend, the coffee fanatic behind the legendary DKD cafe and the inventor of the flat white.

In 1980 a very young Derek Townsend went travelling through Europe. The café society in Europe, Italy and France in particular really inspired his mind. A meeting place which was inexpensive and not based around getting blotto on alcohol. A place of ideas and conversation. 

When he arrived back in NZ he was burning with the idea to set up his interpretation of the European Café, and the legendary DKD cafe was started. The DKD ran for around 17 years, and it would be fair to say that "life passed through it's doors."

However, it became apparent that the roasted beans could be much better, coffee at that time being always quite acidic. Derek was inspired to craft the best coffee available to New Zealand. 

1997 was a busy year. We spent four months, two tonnes of beans and a touch of tennis elbow making a gazillion cups of coffee. The last one was perfect, chocolate, nutty, smooth, rich but with a good flavour. Karajoz was born.

The name Karajoz represents the historical figure popular across the Middle East, who came to represent the man on the street. Coffee originated from the Middle East, and definitely became to be considered almost spiritual, like a gift from God.

We were inspired by this reverence. But the real inspiration was European, and how the café culture developed there. Karajoz conveys the culture of coffee drinking as it is understood and practised in Europe.

Our last café, Cafe Extreme based in Newmarket, Auckland, was one of the "busiest in the world" serving around 13,000 cups per week during the daytime only. We are still probably some of the busiest in the New Zealand coffee industry. 


"Our People"

I am proud to work with an extraordinarily dedicated team of specialists. We share not only many years of friendship, but the simple love for great coffee.


Collectively, the majority of our loyal team have been working together for an average of 17 years. This shows not only a deep support for the brand, but a great ability to adapt with the growth of our business over the years.


Our master roasters are experts in their field, and collectively have 30 years of roasting experience. Roasting coffee beans has always been a specialised task - the time and the temperature being central to extracting the most from the bean. This is where the skill of the roaster and the combined knowledge and experience of the overall team comes into play.

The aged technical knowledge required to create the perfect roast has translated into our 35 international awards, of which we are all extremely proud of. 

Specialist team

Our sales team is headed by a true coffee expert who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 23 years.

We also have our own expert machine servicing team working alongside us to provide the total solution to all coffee necessities.

I am very fortunate to work with such an amazing team. Our wide range of experience and expertise keep everything running smoothly.