Home Brewing Tips



In uncertain times like these it got me thinking to the past and how coffee has made an impact on other historic times throughout history.  I was once shown a riffle from WW1 which had a coffee grinder in the buttstock, got me thinking we have always gone to incredible measures to have a hot cup of coffee.  There is something warming, homely and comforting about it.  If you are left in the dark at home with no means or device to make a cup with freshly roasted coffee and have fallen to instant…have no fear!  Here are some tips for home brewing with a little kiwi engirnuity:


Yes, that is right, easiest solution if you hadn’t thought of it.  You will need a plunger grind coffee from the supermarket, a teapot with a fine strainer to hold back the grinds.  Just use the teapot as if you were making tea with loose leaf but in this case our beautifully roasted Karajoz you can find at the super market and you will be sipping that joe in no time.

Pot Method

Bring 1 ½ cups of water in a pot to a gentle simmer and add 2 large teaspoons of plunger coffee.  Turn off the heat and continue to stir so the coffee grounds are moved around to extract their oils and flavor for 2 minutes.  You then have to let the coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the pot for a further 2 minutes.   Use a ladle to scoop the brewed coffee into your favorite mug making sure not to scoop to many grounds from the bottom.  Desperate times call for desperate measures


We will post some interesting links for reading on the need of coffee in WW1, watch this space  


By Stephanie Clayton