Fun New Zealand Coffee Facts

As we return to work an extra cup of coffee may be needed to keep us productive. Here are some fun facts about New Zealand coffee consumption.

  • Our capital city, Wellington, has more cafés per capita than New York City.
  • Most kiwi homes will sport a French press/plunger if they don’t have an espresso machine.
  • The method of making espresso results in a stronger coffee with bolder flavours than drip coffee – this can offer a real kick for anyone unaccustomed to drinking espresso, be warned!
  • All New Zealand coffee starts with the exact same espresso shot (quite often a double shot); this means that you will be getting the same amount of caffeine regardless of what style of coffee you order unless you specify otherwise.
  • Reusable cups are encouraged in New Zealand, with most takeaway cups globally unable to be recycled.
  • Per capita, our coffee consumption rate is in the top 20 in the world, just ahead of the USA.
  • New Zealand has a coffee festival, held in Auckland during March every year.
  • Latte art has found a foothold across the globe with creative baristas showcasing their skills. New Zealand loves the fern design, to represent the iconic Silver Fern.



Source: New Zealand Trails - Guide to New Zealand Coffee Culture