Different Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee This Summer


Iced Coffee:

We love an iced coffee to relax during a hot day. It’s the perfect drink to have a nice chat, and feel sun on your skin. An iced coffee can give you that extra bit of energy when you feel drained from the sun. 

Coffee Ice Cream: 

Summer means ice cream season.If you’re a coffee lover and an ice cream lover, coffee ice cream is the perfect treat for you.  You can get it with OR without caffeine. If you have an ice cream maker, you can easily create it at home. Simply pour chilled coffee through your basic vanilla ice cream mixture. No ice cream maker? Have a look in your supermarket or ice cream shop.


Coffee Ice Cubes: 

No more ice cubes watering down your iced coffee! Coffee ice cubes are what you need to stock in your freezer from now until the end of the warm weather. They’ll guarantee you a strong cup of refreshing coffee that’ll keep you buzzing throughout the long summer days.


Coffee Ice Block: 

When it’s hot outside and you need a caffeine boost to cool down, keep these 3 ingredient small batch Iced Coffee Blocks in your freezer to get you through the day. It’s a cup of coffee in frozen form and makes roughly 4 pops. It is as simple as 1 cup cold coffee, 1/4 - 1/2 cup cold milk and 1-4 tablespoons granulated sugar.