Different Coffee Processes = Different Flavours

The three main factors that contribute to your coffees taste are; the processing which is how the fruit is taken off the seed at the farms, how the coffee is roasted (light, medium or dark) and how you brew it.

There are three different types of coffee processing: Washed, Unwashed and Semi-Washed.

 Washed Method

The washed process is a more modern method when you look at the long history with coffee over the years.  The washed method gives a cleaner and bright flavour to your cup of coffee.  So if you are looking for more acidity in your coffee, then the washed method is the one for you.

 Unwashed Method

Unwashed coffee (dry process) creates super smooth cup of coffee with complex flavours.  Countries with extremely dry climates tend to lean towards the dry process as the dryness allows them to efficiently dry the coffee. 

 Semi Washed Method

The goal with semi washed coffee is to combine the best bits from both washed and unwashed methods. When doing this we find that we get a coffee that we bring forth the boldness, body and increased complexity from the unwashed coffee whilst also having the acidity from the washed coffee.


As roasters creating blends we work hard in maintaining the balance of the flavours by using a combination of the processed green beans.  At Karajoz, we have a collective range of blends to suit all individuals.  Using the processes above to our advantage we have created blends to suit all preferences.  Pop in to discuss with our team the blend most suited to you or email me directly for any advice when you are placing an order online.


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By Stephanie Clayton - stephanie@karajoz.co.nz